Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine’s Day star Julia Roberts tel some words of love

Julia Roberts is the American actress with a mesmerizing smile, an amiable personality and gorgeous face…..overall, quite a ‘Pretty Woman’. She is one of the leading stars of the mushy rom-com ‘Valentine’s Day’ that hits theatres on the Valentine week.

Julia, herself, is a lovaholic i.e. addicted to love. Yup, she confirms as she gleefully quips, “It’s a drug, isn’t it? Love and that feeling and what it does to make us all tingly inside.”

Her much-awaited film will see her starring opposite Hollywood hottie Bradley Cooper. However, the flick is an interesting romantic caper with seven intertwining love stories. Other famous stars who have graced the films include the likes of Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift. It’s going to be the perfect romantic gateway for die-hard romancers.

And, let’s ask America’s Sweetheart Julia Roberts how’s she planning to spend her V-Day and pat comes her reply, “We’re (she and her husband) just going to be making out for full 24 hours.”

Oops! The lady, surely, knows how to spit out sweet, honey-smeared words of love. After all, Love is in the Air…….

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